Where You At: Working Together to Promote Nightlife Safety


Mad Squirrel x Where You At 

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Where You At to promote and develop nightlife safety. 

Where You At App

“Where You At” is an award-winning, female-founded app aiming to make nights out safer for everyone. The apps features work together to protect people in vulnerable situations, giving users back a sense of control and confidence.

The apps main features include:

  • Allowing groups of friends to stay in touch with each other inside venues – even when there is no signal.
  • Using precise indoor positioning and Bluetooth mesh networks so users can precisely locate friends without connection.
  • Indoor location system, offline messaging service, and SOS features.

Attention on violence against women at night is at an all-time high with evidence through high media attention and large government funding being committed to the topic. Young people rely on instant communication to stay safe and confident. However, nightlife venues remain as an unsafe ‘blind spot’.

We are therefore very honoured to be a part of Where You At's mission to create a safer nightlife for everyone. 

Our Partnership 

We are aiming to promote and develop nightlife safety through our products and taprooms. We have many exciting ideas in the pipeline and are excited for our customers and beyond to see these ideas come to life this year.

Our Values Regarding Nightlife Safety 

Creating a Safe & Welcoming Environment for All 
One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that our taprooms are safe for everyone. We strongly believe in inclusivity and are determined to ensure that all our taprooms are a welcoming and open space for everyone to socialise with friends, family and loved ones. 

Taking Action 
As a company who has strong ties with the hospitality sector, we understand why many people do not feel safe, especially at night-time and in drinking venues. We therefore want to help our customers and beyond in any way that we can to make them feel safer and more comfortable when drinking in venues. We hope that by engaging in open conversations, contributing to nightlife safety research, working with campaigners for safety and the like that we can help to make nightlife safer for everyone.

Working Together 
It is paramount that the hospitality and the alcoholic beverage industry work together with campaigners for safety. We want to promote nightlife safety through our products and taprooms in whatever way we can to solidify the message that people do not feel safe, especially at night and something needs to change. We believe that collaboration is a necessity to help make this change happen.

Starting a Conversation 
The issues surrounding nightlife safety need to be spoken about. Safety at night is not solely a women’s problem, it’s a universal problem which can only be tackled if everyone engages in an honest and open conversation. We are hoping that by speaking up about the need for nightlife safety to our consumer base, we can get people to start talking. 

Speaking Out 
We want to encourage our taproom customers and beyond to speak out if they suspect any form of ill-harm or ill-intent in drinking venues. Customers should always feel assured at any drinking venue that they can notify and report any issues to staff members. 



Find out more about Where You At here:

Website: https://www.wya.world

Instagram: @whereyouatwya

LinkedIn: Where You At





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