Pastry Pack 2021


The Pastry Pack is Back!


Our Pastry Pack is back and in all its glory for 2021. 

We are excited to announce that after the success of our Pastry Pack 2020, we are back again this year with the release of 3 brand new limited edition stouts for our Pastry Pack 2021. Expect rich, powerful and truly decadent flavours. This is a trio you really don't want to miss!




Hoodblink (Raspberry Edition)

Double Raspberry White Stout (8.0%)

Think Hoodblink, our legendary white stout that's made with lactose, vanilla and white chocolate for a sweet delectable flavour profile. Now imagine it with a tasteful punch of raspberry. Unbelievable right? Think again! Now introducing, Hoodblink Raspberry Edition! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!


Crack Le Whip

Double Walnut Milk Stout (8.0%)

You’ve had De La Whip, our walnut whip inspired milk stout, packed with nutty overtones and natural roasty stoutness. Now imagine it, but double the strength, double the flavour and double the smooth, rich, chocolatey notes. Welcome, Crack Le Whip! A deluxe blend that will whip you into shape!



Caramel Macchiato Stout (9.0%)

In collaboration with Kokebi Coffee, we would like to introduce this full-bodied caramel macchiato stout. We used a blend of their ‘Intenso’ coffee beans to give dark, rich and chocolatey notes. They are complemented perfectly with smooth caramel undertones. These bold, decadent flavours will really conquer your cravings!


Pastry Stout Launch Partners 2021 

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