FAQs - Mad Squirrel Watford - We've Raised Over £20,000!


We’ve raised £25,685 for Mad Squirrel Watford!


A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our Crowdfunder Campaign and pledged! We are so grateful for your support and cannot wait for you to visit us when we open. 


If you have any questions about the Crowdfunder and how you will receive your reward please view our FAQs below. 


1. Now the Crowdfunder has ended, how will I receive my reward?
It’s simple really, head to Mad Squirrel Watford once we have opened and inform a staff member of your details. A staff member will hand you a rewards card loaded with your reward e.g. if you pledged £100, you’ll have £200 loaded onto your rewards card to spend at the bar. *PLEASE BRING A FORM OF ID WITH YOU TO SHOW TO A MEMBER OF STAFF, YOU CANNOT RECEIVE YOUR CARD WITHOUT A VALID FORM OF ID*

2. I pledged on behalf of someone else to use as a gift, how can they receive their reward?
Please send ecom@rsgl.co.uk an email from the same email address you used when pledging, confirming the following details:

(1) Your full name
(2) The amount you pledged
(3) A screenshot or forward of the email confirmation you received from Crowdfunder when you pledged
(4) Name of recipient who is to have/collect the reward

Once you have sent us an email confirming these details, the recipient can collect their reward in the same way as explained at FAQ 1. 

ALTERNATIVELY just collect the rewards card yourself in the same way as explained in FAQ 1 and then give the card to whomever the reward is meant for.

3. I pledged on behalf of a company/social club/sports club, how can I receive our reward?
Follow the same steps as FAQ 2 and 1. 

4. When can I start using my reward?
As soon as you visit us and collect your rewards card from the bar. Your rewards card will be active and ready to go.

5. What can I spend my reward on?
You can spend your reward on anything to drink-in or eat-in in store. This includes any drinking in of beer, cider, spirits, wine, soft drinks etc. as well as everything on the food menu.

Please note that the reward cannot be used for anything to takeaway. It therefore cannot be used for growlers, cans, bottles which form part of our retail section (this applies even if you want to buy a can from the retail section and have it to drink in). 

6. Do I have to spend my reward all in one go?
No. You have a year which WILL RUN FROM THE DATE WE OPEN to spend your reward. 

7. Can I spend my reward at any Mad Squirrel Tap?
The short answer is no. The campaign was specifically launched for the opening of our new Tap, Mad Squirrel Watford. The reward can therefore be used at Mad Squirrel Watford only.

8. Can I share my reward with others?
Essentially, yes. As the reward will be loaded onto a rewards card, it's your choice as to who can use that card at the bar. 

9. When is Mad Squirrel Watford opening?
As soon as practicably possible! We are hoping to open Summer 2022 and we will announce our opening date as soon as we are able to do so via our social media pages. Follow Mad Squirrel Watford on social media @madsquirrelwatford or @madtapwatford for regular updates. As soon as we know, you'll know!


Still have a pressing question? 

Send us a message:

Instagram: @madsquirrelwatford

Facebook: Mad Squirrel Watford

Twitter: @madtapwatford

Email: ecom@rsgl.co.uk

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