Mad Squirrel Core-Range Hits The Major Retailers


Why the Major Multiples?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has struck the world in a way that nobody could have ever predicted, putting a halt on trade in the hospitality sector, leaving us at Mad Squirrel feeling somewhat uncertain but positively undefeated. With this in mind, however difficult it may be to envisage, there are some positives that we can take from the pandemic. With non-essential shops closing from March, the idea of exploring the off-premises market soon became a desired reality and an opportunity to ensure that in these current times our products can receive the best possible consumer exposure.


Moving into supermarkets is not a decision we have taken lightly, but one which we truly believe is the right step forward for our business and here’s why:

1) As of 2019, our brewery received the tremendously prestigious SALSA accreditation, meaning we can demonstrate to customers that we are first and foremost a professional manufacturer who prides themselves in creating and regulating products to a very high standard.

2) Our brand is increasingly being endorsed by consumers on the Untappd app (the nation’s leading beer rating app). We are currently the highest rated Untappd brewery in our operating heartland.

3) Our reputation is continuously growing and this can be evidenced by our brewery rating of 3.61. A key aspect to this development when compared with high-profile breweries is that we do not simply produce high-marking beer styles but we produce a cross range of styles from a 65-day aged pilsner to sours and dry hopped IPA’s and this is why our rating is more credible than a brewery simple producing one style of acclaimed beer.

4) This particular diversity and innovation that we have demonstrated is being recognised by the major multiples, meaning we feel that is the right time to tap into the off-premises market.




Where Can I Get My Favourite Mad Squirrel Beer?

WaitroseWe have teamed up with Waitrose stores, specifically in our heartland.

  • $umo (American Pale Ale)
  • Native (Helles Lager)




We have teamed up with the Morrisons buyer to be listed in their craft beer specialist stores. Also available online at Squirrel

  • $umo (American Pale Ale)
  • Roadkill (New England IPA)


oAvailable online at

  • $umo (American Pale Ale)
  • Zealous (Pilsner Lager)
  • Hopfest (Session Pale Ale)
  • De La Crème (Milk Stout)

We have decided to sell our core-range beers in the supermarkets as these are not only our most popular products but this range enables multiples and online operators to set price points so high-end craft beer can be accessible to the average consumer. Furthermore, these regional deals with Waitrose and Morrisons will ensure that stock is always at its freshest.

Our entire core-range as well as other styles, limited editions and collaborations can be found at all of our taprooms/bottle shops and online at

Please continue to support us both within our own stores, online and especially in the major multiples to help us fulfil our ambition of moving to a national listing. We are proud of the quality we produce here at Mad Squirrel and believe we deserve to be in the same company as fellow micro-breweries who are listed nationally in the major multiples. This is the time for us to further build upon our brand recognition and meet our aspirations and future goals as an evolving business.

Thank you again for your continued support. – Mad Squirrel Team


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